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  1. Anonymous says:

    The metaphor of a mirror need not contradict the metaphor of a lens. Both could be filters through which Man must view the higher realms. As in, the lens refracts the light, but the mirror reflects the light – in either case we cannot see the Light directly, only through veils. So it need not be a “self-view”.

    In fact, that position seems almost dangerous – how can the prophet know that the revelation is Divine, rather than what he/she wants to see/know? Prophecy by its nature is supposed to be a communication from Outside, something that crosses the line between Man and God.

    I suppose, contradicting myself, then, it could be both, if you take the Chabad-panentheist view – prophecy is via that which is BOTH a lens and a mirror, breaching the apparent immanence/transcendence divide.


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