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  1. Who says he was the bad guy? He thought his friend was trying to make up with him. He decided not to hold a grudge and showed up at the banquet. He gave the guy every opportunity to save face and still got turfed out, all with the “Gedolim” present and not saying a word.
    Maybe he realized how broken the system was and decided it needed to be brought down.

    • micha says:

      Of course that wasn’t my thesis. I was saying that even though it was quite likely he was a jerk, we were wrong to insult him.

      As for why I think he was likely a jerk is that he takes down the Jewish People out of anger toward the elite who were invited to the party. The level of revenge, that he’s going to risk any family or friends he might have, or some poor woman living on the far end of Judea, because people at a party offended him — no matter how wrong they were — is pretty indicative of a pretty bad temper.

      But my basic point stands without assuming he was hard to be around in general. People might think of the sin’as chinam thing as being about groups of people not getting along, and I wanted to bring home the point about being nice to everyone. (I tried to add: even the people who make it hard to.)

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