Sanctuary of the King, the Royal City

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  1. Interesting, especially in light of what many view as the Chasmona’i arrogation of the malchus.

    • rmpearlman says:

      The early Chasmonic leaders were careful not to usurp ‘Malchut’ so did not consider selves kings as reserved for beis David.

    • micha says:

      The Chashmona’im end up getting rid of the third seat of authority as well, by backing a version of Judaism that deprecates the authority of the rabbi.

      I think your point reinforces my thesis, but given your later comment calling this one “obsessing about my minor comment” I’m not sure you do. After all, the Chashmonaim were religious leadership absorbing civil leadership role, rather than the other way around — appointing civil leadership who are also spiritual exemplars. If we’re to make a comparison, the Chashmonaim charicatured “daas Torah”, not my interpretation of RYBS’s model.

  2. I have to rephrase that. I should have begun by saying that I very much enjoyed the post as a whole, instead of obsessing about my minor comment. The observation that Yerushalayim is central to Lecha Dodi, and the symbolism of that centrality, is very interesting.

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