Gra, Peirush al Kamah Agados #14 (part 1) – Relationship ep. 6

(If you missed our discussion of the Maharal in episodes 1-5, see their posts in The Kloiz Aspaqlaria category.)

Thursday night (Apr 7th, 2022) 7pm EDT we started our study of the Vilna Gaon’s Peirush al Kama Agados, agadah #14. In it, the Vilna Gaon unpacks the metaphor of an aggadita on Bekhoros 8b, where the Elders of Athens challenge Rabbi Yehoshua ben Channania to build them a “house in the air of the world”.

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Our first weeks at Zelmele’s Kloiz had lots of wonderful give and take, and many of us stayed on afterward for exciting discussions. (Which personally, I found quite informative.) This week (Thu Apr 7th) was a great time to join, as we start a new text — the Vilna Gaon’s Peirush al Kamah Agados, agadah #14!

The story so far (the table may yet grow with the Gra):

Tov Inherent /
Relationship to Soul
Relationship to Hashem Relationship to Others
Micha’s Miqdash Speculation
Crowns Torah Kehunah Kingship
Crowned Kelim Aron Mizbeiach haZahav Shulchan
Uncrowned Keilim Menorah Mizbeiach Nekhoshes Kiyor
Maharal (cont.)
Pillars Torah Avodah Gemilus Chasadim
Uprooting Sin Gilui Arayos Avodah Zara Shefichas Damim
Sustains the world … gives the world value. … for it was created liKhvodi … causes Hashem’s Chessed to the world
Avos Yaaqov Yitzchaq Avraham
Yaaqov/Yisrael as Synthesis Yaaqov
Rivqa’s two bracelets of 5 gold each
Rivqa’s nose-ring
Sefer haYetzirah “Mother Letters” א ש מ
Non-Intert Elements Air/Wind (אוויר) Fire (אש) Water (מים)
Element as Middah Thought
in Torah
Passion / “Hislahavus
in Avodah
Calm / Unity
in relating to other people
Protecting Torah / Anshei Keneses haGdolah Establishing many students Diligence in Law Making a siyag laTorah
(i.e. morality rather than precise Law)
Dynamic Middle
(Synthesis or Dialectic)
Truth / Law Peace / Lovingkingness
Aspect of Soul Ruach Neshamah Nefesh
Desires Ego Spiritual Physical

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