Author: Micha Berger


Widen Your Tent in The Jewish Tribune

The Jewish Tribune, “The Voice of Ango-Jewish Orthodoxy since 1962” ran an excerpt of Widen Your Tent in this week’s (10th August, 2002) issue. The excerpt includes the majority of section i.2. Here’s a...


Maharal, Derekh Chaim 4:21 – Relationship ep. 12

The Beyond Meaningful Relationships – Relationshipful Meaning series at the kloiz meets on Wednesday nights at 8pm EDT. (If you missed our discussion so far, there is always the posts in The Kloiz Aspaqlaria...


My Opinion on Abortion Legislation

Why should you care about my opinion about how Jews ought to respond to the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States? You shouldn’t. Here’s why. Halakhah prohibits abortion in most...