Monthly Archive: March 2008

Nine Qavim at the Buffet 0

Nine Qavim at the Buffet

  אמר רב כהנא, “אדם רוצה בקב שלו מתשעה קבים של חבירו.” Rav Kahanah would say, “A person desires one qav [a unit of volume; roughly 60 fl.oz.] of his own than nine qavim...

Purim and Permanence 0

Purim and Permanence

One of the questions that have pried on my conscience is exactly how we managed to let life return to normal in the past 6 years. 9/11 was supposed to make everything different, but...

Tziduq haDin 0

Tziduq haDin

Tziduk Hadin Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz Yated Ne’eman March 13, 2008 Yerushalayim in shock Numb with grief Frozen hearts Disbelief In the heart of Yerushalayim A yeshiva under attack Unarmed students Shot in the back...

The Efficacy of Prayer 0

The Efficacy of Prayer

Last Thursday morning, hours before the attack at Mercaz haRav, there was a tefillah rally at the kotel featuring a number of well known rabbis. On Avodah, R’ Eli Turkel repeated this provocative question:...

Vera’isa es Achorai 0

Vera’isa es Achorai

After the Golden Calf, Moshe asks Hashem if he could see His “Face”. Hashem then said, ‘I have a special place where you can stand on the rocky mountain. When My glory passes by,...

Mi sheBeirakh 0

Mi sheBeirakh

When someone is found guilty of a crime, he may be sent to jail. But that person isn’t the only person who gets punished. His wife loses his companionship. His children lose access to...

The Kindness of Hashem 0

The Kindness of Hashem

For many years — from before my bar mitzvah until my marriage — I had the honor to learn with Rabbi Matis Blum (who was a teen when we started) on Shabbos morning. Yesterday...