Invite Rabbi Berger!

Rabbi Micha Berger is available for speaking engagements, as well as running Shabbos and other programs. Attached is a copy of his resume.

Rabbi Berger speaks on topics of Jewish Thought, Mussar, and the Meaning of the Siddur. (Samples of his weekly classes on the siddur are also available from this blog.) In addition, he and AishDas can help bring Mussar and the quest for a meaningful observance to your synagogue. AishDas can provide speakers and help you plan day programs (Yemei Iyun) and Shabbatonim. We run a program that combines both lectures and real self exploration. We can also help develop that further into an ongoing program for a synagogue or neighborhood.

For information about availability and more about the nature of an AishDas program, you can contact Rabbi Berger at <> or by telephone at (347) 852-1761.