Yotzeir Or, part III

See the previous discussions of Yotzeir Or here (part I) and here (part II).

This week we concluded our discussion of the berakhah of Yotzeir Or, as well as the shiur’s run until after the yamim tovim.

Some highlights:

  • The process of creation is continual, and thus the berakhah is about the end of evil more than evil itself. There will always be more opportunities tomorrow even if all is bleak today.
  • The structure of the berakhah.
  • The angels’ Qedushah, and man’s role in it.
  • Creation continuing through today and into the future. Things continue to exist through His Will.
  • Does this concept necessarily mean that individual Divine Providence (hashgachah peratis) need apply to every event?
  • Various opinions on the subject of Providence, and a modern take on the idea.
  • A tiny review of the 10 shiur series, taking some points from each shiur and tying them into a single picture.

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