Shema Yisrael

In this week’s shiur we concluded Birkhas Ahavah and started Shema with the origin of “Kel Melekh Ne’eman” and some thoughts on its first sentence.
Some of the topics discussed:

  • Veha’eir eineinu beSorasekhaTif’eres, fully integrating our Torah knowledge to shape our entire selves.
  • Vedabeiq libeinu vs Veyacheid levaveinu — Two approaches to serving G-d (another reference to the “Fork in the Hashkafic Road“), two ways “velo neivosh le’olam va’ed” (not to be embarassed ever).
  • Vesolicheinu qomemiyus le’artzeinu — coming upright to our land. Redemption includes the opportunity to live peacefully and with self-respect.
  • The value of our being a lashon, a group of people united by the Hebrew language.
  • Birkhas Ahava‘s connection to Shema.
  • Should we say “amein” after our own birkhas ahavah? “Kel Melekh Ne’eman” as an amein.
  • Other explanations for saying “Kel Melekh Ne’eman
  • The significance of saying Shema Yisrael, that the two words aren’t merely a preface.
  • The unity of Hashem and Elokeinu — what each name connotes, and how do they really describe a Single Indivisible Deity

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