Vera’isa es Achorai

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  1. Josh M. says:

    I invite people to post comments on the comparison to the killing of Zechariah.

    I don’t believe that he’s comparing the kedoshim of the massacre to Zechariah, but rather to those murdered in the aftermath. Taking a broad view of the massacre (and acknowledging my emotional aloofness in being able to do so), it is merely a continuation of the blood that has been gushing out of the wounds of k’lal Yisroel mei’az banu, sometimes faster and sometimes slower. As is natural, one tzara pushes away the previous tzara, but it’s all the same blood.

    As a member of the tzibbur, I recognize that the blood of the kedoshim of Merkaz haRav is in some way on my hands. The blood of a long-forgotten prophet continues to boil and I find myself very disturbed by my inability to stop it.

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