Types of Thought: Gender Differences, part II

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  1. Shalom Ash says:

    MATTHEW WAGNER from the Jerusalem, wrote an interesting article regarding a recent study, released by Hadassah-Brandeis Institute and the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies that “Non-Orthodox Jewish males, from school-age to adult, have fewer connections with Jews and Judaism than their female counterparts”.

    this interesting phenomenon also exists within the orthodox community. Although, orthodoxy doesn’t allow women to serve as Rabbis or lead the prayers, they can serve in other leadership positions. In fact, many Jewish women are very active in their local communities and run respected organizations.

    By High school age teens, the orthodox Jewish girls are much more religious then the boys. Jewish girls are more educated than ever before.

  2. micha says:

    Shalom: I’m speaking of innate cognitive differences. You’re writing about the effects of education on social structure. I’m not sure they’re all that related.


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