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  1. Yirmiahu says:

    While I’m not one to look at the pragmatic and metaphysical aspects of cause and effect as a dichotomy, I think your post does a great job at highlighting the more pragmatic side of the issue. I had considered trying to do it myself but I’m glad I left it for your much more capable hands.

    Incidentally, I once noted to Rebbitzin Katz that I had googled “Kosher Gelt” (incidentally after first reading one of the Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe’s pieces on the topic) and the first post that wasn’t about Channukah candy was discussing the teaching of her father Rav Bulman zt’l. Perhaps there are a few of us on the net who can help make the candy sites further down on the list.

  2. Orthonomics says:

    Live below your means and make a commitment to living debt-free. Constantly having to chase money is an invitation to engaging in less than honest activity.

  3. Bob Miller says:

    To implement the Orthonomics program above, we have to be able to say no to the unreasonable societal demands on our money. But then we have to take care of the reasonable ones! The costs of Jewish education and of the shidduchim/marriage/newlywed cycle, for example, have to be resized somehow to be consistent with both our means and goals. Movement in that direction requires inspired leaders and inspired followers implementing concrete programs. Exhortation only goes so far.

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