Qitzur Shulchan Arukh – 62:12

יב: אסור לאדם להשהות מדה חסרה בביתו או בחנותו, אע”פ שאינו מודד בה. ואם משהה, עובר בלאו, שנאמר, לא-יהיה לך בכיסך אבן ואבן גדולה וקטנה, לא-יהיה בביתך איפה ואיפה גדולה וקטנה. ואפלו לעשות את המדה עביט למי רגלים, אסור, שמא יבא מי שאינו יודע וימדד בה. ואם יש מנהג בעיר שאין מודדין אלא במדה הרשומה ברשם הידוע וזו אינה רשומה, מתר להשהותה

It is forbidden for a person to keep a deficient measure in his house or in his shop, even if he does not measure with it. If he does keep [such a measure] he transgresses a prohibition, as it is said (Devarim 25:13-15): “You shall not have in your bag weights, a large one [for measuring what you buy] and a small one [for measuring what you sell]; you shall not have in your house measures, a large one and a small one, a full and just weight shall you have, a full and just measure shall you have…”.’ Even to make the measure into a chamber pot for urine is forbidden, as perhaps someone will comes who doesn’t know and measure with it. If there is a local custom that one doesn’t measure except with a measure that has been marked with an official mark, and this (pot) is not marked, one may keep it (at home).

We already mentioned this point in Rashi’s name a few times. The prohibition is even just owning the tools for fiscal dishonesty; even with no intent of being dishonest. The “just in case” of someone perhaps being misled should be considered too evil to risk.

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