The Pashkevil To End All Pashkevilin

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  1. Shmuel says:

    While I enjoyed the concept of this pashkevil, my wife raised good questions about the possibility that this will be seen not only in a negative light, but will also seem extremely hypocritical.
    While I answered that this can be considered along the lines of introducing a refuah through the same medium as the makkah, I do agree to an extent with her he’orah…
    This sign won’t really accomplish much, unfortunately; if anything, it will fan the flames. The people who print up these venomous signs will not be shamed into submission, and Rabbi Haber’s pashkevil will only raise their ire to the point that they’ll produce MORE signs.

  2. micha says:

    Only if they don’t realize that this “pashkevil” is just a page out of a seifer, and not a new pronouncement.

    In any case, I saw the point more as defusing their impact by enlightening the readership than in stopping anyone from posting anything.


  3. Shmuel says:

    Even so, do you think the Chafetz Chaim would really approve the usage of his words in such a fashion?

    And I may sound naive, but I believe that most of the readership are not dummies, and they know good and well who is really behind the pashkevil epidemic. The problem is that it’s too prevalent, it is part of the culture now…

    • micha says:

      There is still value a good mussar shmuess about why you shouldn’t (1) assume the signers agreed to the content at all, or at least as presented and (2) be intimidated when your rav holds differently. The first thing the Ramchal says in Mesilas Yesharim is that he (allegedly) isn’t going to say anything you don’t already know. But it does one good to think about it. As it’s that thought that modifies attitude and habit.

      In any case, I’m not sure this pashkevil is any different than the Chafetz Chaim’s original intent when he wrote a public letter against pashke-villain.


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