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The following was just sent around to The Mussar Institute Membership. (Referred to below as “Chaverim”. Also, I’m not on the money side of things

What we mean here by “va’ad” in contrast to a “chaburah“, is that the latter is a way to study a text, to really understand the ideas in it. Whereas in the vaad, we will go further to focus on applying what we study to our lives, through relating the ideas to how we are living our lives and through daily exercises.

New Online Va’ad with
TMI faculty member Rabbi Micha Berger

Author of Widen Your Tent

Micha explores the worldview of Rabbi Shimon Shkop, a Mussar Master who was a leading figure in the world of the Lithuanian Yeshiva of a century ago. 


In the introduction of his magnum opus, Shaarei Yosher, Rav Shimon Shkop outlines his view of the purpose of Judaism, our lives, the nature of holiness, and what it means to be a good person and in the image of G-d.

His vision is one that speaks to us today. Using Rabbi Micha Berger’s recently published translation and commentary, Widen Your Tent, we will use Rav Shimon Shkop’s teachings as a guide to provide direction and give meaning for our own lives.

Our journey will include questions such as

  • Why did G-d create us? And why did He give us the Torah? What is the purpose of this entity we call a “human being”?
  • What is the relationship between ethics and religion? Between our natural sense of morality and revelation?
  • Since it is so important to be giving human beings, why were we made with such a strong sense of self-interest?
  • How can I be happy with what I have? Or more even pressingly, how can I be happy?
  • How do I grow my soul?  What even is the measure of a human soul?
  • And more!

Join us for the first of two, six-month sessions (Part 2 will be offered in Fall 2020) in which we will explore the most fundamental questions that impact how we choose to live our lives!


  • Monthly live sessions with Rabbi Micha Berger
  • Recorded sessions of the live sessions
  • Mid-month email with materials for chevruta study and practice
  • A special Canvas thread for on-going group sharing and discussion


Sundays: Jan 12, Feb 2, Mar 1, Apr 5, May 3, June 7

Non-CHAVERIM – $250

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