Rav Eliyahu Dessler, Qunterus haChessed (ch. 7-8) – Relationship ep. 22

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Wednesday night (August 31st, 2022) the Beyond Meaningful Relationship – Relationshipful Meaning chaburah continued our study of Rav Dessler’s Qunterus haChessed from Mikhtav meiEilyahu vol I.

In this chaburah we learned and discussed chapter 7, a later explanation of ch. 7, and ch. 8 (pp. 39-44). In the opening chapters, Rav Dessler established the ideas of the potentials in a person for nesinah and netilah — giving and taking — as attitude and motive. In this week’s chapters Rav Dessler explains how wanting and ambition is a survival trait, for example, the way hunger motivates finding food. And therefore it is inherently tied to the physical. Whereas positive aspirations come from giving, emulating Hashem, and thus the spiritual. We give when we are not only sufficiently supplies, but saveia – content and satisfied with what we have.

Giving leads to love, far more than the other way around.

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