Widen Your Tent, ep. 1 / Relationship ep. 27

The Beyond Meaningful Relationships – Relationshipful Meaning series at the kloiz meets on Wednesday nights at 8pm EDT.

On Wednesday Chol haMo’eid Sukkos (October 12th) at 8pm, started our discussion of the introduction to Shaarei Yosher, by Rav Shimon Shkop. This is the last text in the Beyond Meaningful Relationship – Relationshipful Meaning chaburah.


  • The purpose of life is to be of benefit to others
  • and to be the kind of people whose greatest desire is to provide that benefit
  • and this is how we emulate Hashem and partner with Him.
  • This is also what “be holy for I am Holy means”.
  • The Medrash and Ramban identify the mitzvah as “be holy – be separate”, but this is not the definition of holiness. Holiness is consecration to a cause. For people — unlike for Hashem — such consecration entails separation from those other goals that we might set up for ourselves and distract us.

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