Rav Dessler On Reality and Perception, part II

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  1. >This is why we compute the molad from a point in the creation year, without accounting for the month that took fewer days because one of them was extended when the sun stood still for Yehoshua.

    Two points: Rambam in Moreh 2:35 seems not to take the standing of the sun literally. (he does seem to in pirush hamishna Avos 5:5).

    Malmad Hatalmidim by R.Yakov Antuli (son in law of R. shmuel Tibon explains the story as follows:
    Yehoshua prayed that he manage to pursue the enemies before the full moon sets (in other words all day and most of the night) which he did. “Velo otz lovo keyom tomim” refers back to Yehoshua.He pursued them all day and most of the night in one direction, therefore he needed almost 24 hours to make it back (keyom tomim). If you compare this to Moreh 2:35 it will shed light on Rambam’s words.

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