Maharal, Derekh Chaim 1:2 (part 4) – Relationship ep. 4

(If you missed any of parts 1 – 3, see their posts in The Kloiz Aspaqlaria category.)

Wednesday night (Mar 23rd, 2022) 7pm EDT we continued our study of Meharal, Derekh haChaim 1:2. (Caveat: Whereas we usually meet on Thursday nights at 7pm Eastern.) Go to for links to the Zoom room, a link to join the WhatsApp group, to recordings of past shiurim, and the other posts like this one.

The resource sheet is on Sefaria at

Our first weeks at Zelmele’s Kloiz had lots of wonderful give and take, and many of us stayed on afterward for exciting discussions. (Which personally, I found quite informative.) Join us at The Kloiz next week!

The story so far:

TovInherent /
Relationship to Soul
Relationship to HashemRelationship to Others
Crowned KelimAronMizbeiach haZahavShulchan
Uncrowned KeilimMenorahMizbeiach NekhoshesKiyor
PillarsTorahAvodahGemilus Chasadim
Uprooting SinGilui ArayosAvodah ZaraShefichas Damim
Sustains the world… gives the world value.… for it was created liKhvodi… causes Hashem’s Chessed to the world
Yaaqov/Yisrael as SynthesisYaaqov
Rivqa’s two bracelets of 5 gold each
Rivqa’s nose-ring
Sefer haYetzirah “Mother Letters”אשמ
Non-Intert ElementsAir/Wind (אוויר)Fire (אש)Water (מים)
Element as MiddahThought
in Torah
Passion / “Hislahavus
in Avodah
Calm / Unity
in relating to other people

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