But the name of the city was “Luz” originally

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  1. BatNoach says:

    How can a Noahide nourish and cultivate the Luz Bone?

  2. john hutto says:

    Luz bone is said to have two locations in the spine. The second being the coccyx.
    Can you explain why and how? What does this bone control in more detail. Is there another english name this bone refers to?Thank You.

    • micha says:

      Since I never heard of this second location, and therefore never thought about the topic, I can’t comment on its meaning.

      I have a feeling that Jastrow, who is cited in the article in Jewish Encyclopedia 1905 (which in turn is the source of the Wikipedia article) assumed more of a parallel to the Arabic version of the luz concept than our sages did when we look at the traditional internally on its own terms.


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