Ashirah Lashem

Ashira Lashem

Davening For Friday Night

According to the nusach of R. Y.B. Soloveitchik zt”l

Editing and Commentary by
Micha Berger

Thanks to the work of a number of volunteers, I feel comfortable enough to release a project I’ve been working on for months: “Ashirah Lashem” — a siddur for Friday Night davening.


  • The nusach based on R’ YB Soloveitchik, with explantion where he diverges from Ashkenaz.
  • All quotes from Tanach are in kesav Ashuris.
  • Every voiced schwa and short kamatz as determined by the Gaon’s rules are marked.
  • Trup is printed for every paragraph or phrase quoted from Tanach as a second guide to punctuation.
  • A commentary I put together for myself from the words of the Rav, R’ SR Hirsch and the Vilna Gaon.
  • Two appendices with thoughts on Birchas Avos and the first paragraph of Shema.

Ashirah Lashem is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format in one of two layouts:

  • Individual pages: One page of the siddur on each sheet of paper
  • Booklet: Two pages per side of paper, arranged to ease producing a booklet. The first page has the innermost pages of the booklet, the second page contains the pages before and after them, etc…To produce the booklet:
    • Print or copy in full duplex (i.e. using both sides of the paper). Make sure both sides of each sheet have the same top.
    • Fold the entire stack of pages down the middle, and
    • staple on the fold. You want to staple it with the cover upward, so that the open end of the staples will be in the middle of the booklet. Otherwise, they tend to snag fabric and ruin expensive suits. (Speaking purely theoretically, of course. <grin>)