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בעון נבלות פה צרות רבות וגזירות קשות מתחדשות ובחורי שונאי ישראל מתים יתומים ואלמנות צועקין ואינן נענין שנא’ (ישעיהו ט) על כן על בחוריו לא ישמח ה’

For the sin of vulgar speech many evils and harsh decrees are made anew, and the choicest of … (euphamism ellided) Israel die, and orphans and widows cry and are not answered. As it says, “Therefore over His firstborn Hashem will not rejoice…” (Yeshaiah 9:16).

– Shabbos 33a

Nivul peh, crude speech, calling others derogatory names. Often done without thought or even realizing, but can cause irreperable harm to our unity as a people, and therefore to our protection from the A-lmighty.

(Hat tip to Yehoshua Kahn’s daugher Ayelet.)

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