A Fallen Soldier’s Prayer for Peace

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  1. http://www.pinenet.com/rooster/peace.html has some info about the origin of this prayer. We say a version of it at Kehilat Yedidya, which can be found at http://yedidya.org.il/peace.htm

  2. Anonymous says:

    the latest issue of agudath israel’s mag the jewish observer deals almost exclusively about the recent conflict. 1.how many chayalim did agudah have at the front? 2.how many chayalim did any article in that mag mourn or pay tribute to? rule:if you don’t play the game don’t make the rules!

  3. micha says:


    There is little in common between the two tefillos. Both quote “lo yisa…” and both use “yehi ratzon”. But even there, Benaya Rein made his tefillah a “Yehi Ratzon” in format, whereas the prayer attributed to R’ Nachman uses the phrase in a later line.

    Anonymous’s comments are off topic. Why sully a discussion about this one chayal’s tefillah with political talk about what some community we have no control over did or didn’t do?


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