Clouds of Glory

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  1. בקיצור, I just heard a similar vort from the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlit”a on Motzei Yom Kippur in which he quoted this Vilna Gaon (found in Biur HaGra to Song of Songs 1:4 and in Kol Eliyahu to Parshas Emor). However, Rav Malkiel added that we were קובע the date of Sukkos based on the start of the second set of clouds rather than the first set because the first set was only temporary, whilst the second set of clouds continue until this very according to what the Ramchal says (Derech HaShem, Chelek 4, Perek 8, Ois 2, ×¢”ש) about the clouds and these clouds began on Sukkos. However, my קשיא on Rav Malkiel is that the Gemara in Taanis 9a says that the clouds–the second set– disappeared after the death of Aharon, if so, they aren’t the same ones that we have now, but rather different clouds which came later in the zechus of Moshe after his brother’s death. You have a pshat? (I discussed this in Footnote 53 to this essay: )

  2. Paul says:

    An alternative theory (much abbreviated): The first place that Bnai Yisrael stopped as they came out of Egypt was Sukkot. We also know that there is an intriguing passage in Bereshit (Yaakov) where he builds a sukkah, and then it is connected to a place-name Sukkot. (Not suggesting that it is the same place — just that the connecton betweeen sukkah – structure – and Sukkot – place-name- is there). ‘Dwell in Sukkot – structures – for seven days, so that your generations shall know that I placed you in Sukkot – place – as I took you out of Egypt”.

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