The Holy Script and Speech

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  1. Yona says:

    How do the mekubalim, who place so much emphasis on the shapes of letters, understand R. Yosi’s opinion? It would seem that the shapes of the letters are an integral part of Torah’s (original, intended) meaning according to the mekubalim.

  2. micha says:

    I don’t know. A good question to raise on Avodah.

    I also don’t know if mequbalim would equate “original” with “intended” meaning. After all, they believe in progressive revalation of aggadic truths, no?

  1. March 10, 2012 – ט״ז באדר תשע״ב

    […] the Bardivitzher Rebbe, writes in Qedushas Levi that this even changed how the Torah was written. It seems that the gemara’s conclusion (Sanhedrin 21a-22b) is that until Ezra’s day, the holy script was not in mass use among Jews. […]

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