Shaarei Yosher: Chapter Headings

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  1. shirah bell says:

    Micha, you continue to blow me away! Thank you for this. The outline entices me to study the book! One little question – In numeral 4ii, do you mean ‘A course” or “A coarse”? todah rabah, Shirah

  2. micha says:

    I meant “coarse”, and corrected it accordingly.

    The book, though, is not on philosophy or Mussar. To translate the title page, “Shaarei Yosher [Gates of Straightness, ie Honesty / Integrity]: In it we open 7 gates [sections]. Explorations into the halakhos of the laws of doubt, majority and presumption, and the laws of testimony.” It’s about how to decide halakhah when the facts are either unknown or in dispute. In other words, I cut off a piece that pretty much stands by itself. The body of the book is on some of the more complex parts of halachic thought.

    Also, this is just the first part of the introduction. The rest of the introduction thanks G-d for his ability to teach in Telzh and then to start a yeshiva in Grodno, how nice it is to be able to study even through his old age (this part is presented as a Torah thought worth presenting), thanking his parents, in laws, others who helped him (ncluding his sister), etc…

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