Casting Lots

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  1. If I undertand what I’ve learned correctly then from God’s point of view there is nothing random. As He sits outside of history and created all of it for a purpose then everything that happens within time is preplanned and expected.
    From our perspective, however, there are events we perceive as random as we are not privy to the big picture. But this randomness is only our perspective and our faith demands we accept that there is nothing truly random.

  2. micha says:


    Randomness isn’t the only potential alternative to Divine Plan, there are also events that are caused by free will. When Rabbi Aqiva posits “hakol tzafui vehareshus nesunah — all is foreseen and [yet] choice is given”, does that mean only from our perspetive, but from that of Divine Timeless free will doesn’t really exist?

    I took the opposite approach. Divine Timeless means that it is not true that “everything that happens within time is preplanned and expected”. Simply because “pre-” and “expectation” only have meaning within time. Hashem doesn’t know now what I will choose tomorrow. He does Know, but that knowledge has no “now”. I dealt with this in its own post.

    However, speaking about Omniscience rather than Atemporality…

    I originally outlined my thoughts here, but since expanded my explanation and turned it into its own blog entry.

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