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  1. “After all, the gemara advises the rabbinate to leave military questions to the generals.”

    where is the source of this?
    Thank You

    • micha says:

      It’s been 8 years since I first wrote that. Rather than trying to recreate my thoughts of the time, see Rav Aharon Lichtenstein shlit”a’s article on the topic.

      The source is a gemara asking why the king would only consult the urim vetumim and not the rabbis, and the gemara answers that the question was the potential success of the war — which the king must decide before asking Sanhedrin’s permission.

      Start with Rambam Hilkhos Melakhim 5:2 — see if you can find anyone who provides his source. The Kesef Mishnah says it’s by omission… Since the gemara in Sanhedrin 20 says that the Sanhedrin must be asked when waging a specifically voluntary war, wars that are necessary for defense (and other types of milkhemes mitzvah) are decided by the king and his generals withough the rabbinate.

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