Process and Permanence

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  1. LenMInNJ says:

    Thanks for the beautiful post on permanence.

    > How does one get past death, and permitted again to enter the beis hamiqdash?

    A very minor comment: If I understand the subject correctly, tum’as meis doesn’t stop the stam Yisrael from entering the Miqdash to the level of the Kheil (d’rabbanan) or further inside (d’o-raita). It’s tum’ah ha-yotza alah mi-goofo (e.g., zav, m’tzora) that prohibits his entry.

  2. micha says:

    We’re using the phrase BHMQ differently. To my mind, the cheil is the line between “har habayis” and BHMQ (azaros + the heikhal).

    Conceptually, I think this is more in consonance with the wording in the pasuq (Bamidbar, Chuqas, 19:20 “×›×™ את-מקדש ×” טימא” — a lack parah adumah is described as prohibiting entry into the Miqdash.

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