The Miracle of Oil

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  1. Isaacson says:

    I attempted to answer this question by explaining that the miracle of the oil was God putting his ‘shtemple’ so to speak on the efforts of the battle. Had they gone through the war, entered the temple, lit the menorah and watched it fizzle out immediately perhaps their excitement and fervor would have equally done so. Much like the malaise that permeated Eretz Yisroel several after the Yom Kippur war. At first there was excitement, perhaps we will really rebuild the temple. Followed by… nothing. And it was that ‘no-thing’ which dampened the spirits.

    The full write up:

    • micha says:

      I would agree, although I thought of it more in terms of paralleling the preservation of Harugei Beitar, or the spices of the caravan that carried Yoseif. I should add something along these lines to the main piece, without which there is no explicit connection between the miracle of oil and exile, to answer how the reinterpreted Chanukah did fit the times.

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