Bread, Meat and Wine

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  1. Shmuel says:

    NOW I know what you were talking about in shul!

    I only want to add that this may dovetail nicely with the Maharal’s (and others’) development of the idea in Gevurat HaSHem that the 3 matzot represent the Avot, as wheat is a bechina of chochma, whereas the four cups cprrespond to the Imahot, as wine is a bechina of Binah…

  2. see this shiur for a nice contrast between bread and wine. the latter improves with age while the former requires immediacy.

    there are strong symbolic contrasts going back to Pharoah’s imprisoned servants.

    • micha says:

      But how would that play out here? The Rambam would be saying that one can’t enter the Pardeis until after consuming “meat” and something that requires immediacy, and the Rama instead chooses something that improves with age? What aspects of learning Torah get worse with time?

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