My Dream Synagogue

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  1. Garnel Ironheart says:

    You`re going to have a very, very small congregation.

  2. micha says:

    Would you have said the same of Aish Kodesh? Or is their something about my more Tenuas haMussar oriented idea of a Growth Oriented Shul that would be particularly unpopular.

    In any case… I would prefer the right peer group over popularity. As long as we are big enough to raise the money to cover the bills and reliably have a minyan.

  3. Garnel Ironheart says:

    The more demanding the requirements the smaller the congregation.

    • micha says:

      Actually, the requirements aren’t all that high. It has to be someone who would like to think they’re more interested in growth, but not necessarily someone who is driven enough by the idea to actually invest effort.

      And I think Aish Kodesh in Woodmere or West Side Institutional prove the basic point that enough people feel a spiritual thirst that there are many areas where I shul like mine might get enough people to operate.

      I agree it wouldn’t be the most popular shul in town, but then, shuls aren’t for profit. The point is to provide religious services, not to be popular or bring in the most money. A shul should really should only be concerned with being lucrative enough to stay open.

      Looking at my bullet items in order:

      Shabbos/YT morning service changes:
      The qiddush wouldn’t add time to one’s Shabbos morning commitment, and if your shul already has a pre-mussaf derashah and post-mussaf qiddush, it would be shorter. And in any case, it is an easier morning for someone with a 21st cent attention span to have a 7th inning stretch, not harder. On the other hand, I then add about 10 min to Shacharis. But that’s within normal week-to-week variation.

      Chessed & Middah programming:
      The shul would have a group that does chessed as a shul function, and offer a va’ad or two and a Teshuvah workship. But there is no obligation to participate. It would be like saying that adding a shiur that 3 people attend every Wed evening would dissuade people from davening in that shul.

      Membership agreement:
      The only real added requirement is agreeing to follow halakhah (including dina demalkhusa) in fiscal matters. But as pointed out in my blog post, I am under no illusion that it is actually enforceable in all but the most egregious situations.

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