A Tzadiq Will Flower Like a Date-Palm

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  1. jjj kkk says:

    Yeah and then why do so many halachos, chumros, and “customs” cause extra work, expense, and tsauros when they could easily be curtailed based on “you shall love your neighbors as yourself?”

    That story was a one shot deal not what is pervasive in Judaaism today.

    • micha says:

      Rav Yisrael founded a movement. He didn’t think he was engaging in one time behavior. The fact that this is not how we tend to prioritize things today shows what a major loss we suffered when Mussar failed to recover after the Holocaust.

      As for why we need chumros… One needs to know what is halakhah and what isn’t, and how far from strict imperative one is going. Basic interpersonal halakhah outweighs chumros in rite. The point isn’t that one can simply ignore one set halakhah for interest in some other. One has to realize what decisions one is actually making. There are cons to weigh, not just pros.


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