Rav Hirsch, Rav Yisrael and Me

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  1. Yitzi Turner says:

    Interesting to note, R Yisrael was close to rsrh and discussed on all issues with him. Even wanting to bring him to Poland.

    • micha says:

      I don’t know how close they were; for most of their life the level communication you describe was impossible. Certainly during the period Mussar was invented. Yes, later, when R Yisrael Moved west with hopes of bringing non-observant Jews back.

      But what you say about bringing RSRH to Poland… In Tenu’as haMussar, R Dov Katz records a tradition that R’ Yisrael considered Torah im Derekh Eretz the right move for the needs of German Jewry, but inappropriate for Eastern Europe. He understood people well enough to know there is no one-size-fits-all derekh; these things depends on the individual and on the culture. Although R’ Yisrael expressed interest in having Nineteen Letters translated for consumption by East European Jews.

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