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Sim Shalom

Rav Dovid Lifshitz zt”l (whose 31st yahrzeit is today) often spoke about the connection between shaleim as wholeness, and that of another conjugation, “shalom“, peace. Shalom is not simply a cessation of violence. That wouldn’t be an expression...


Mishum Eivah and Darkhei Shalom

Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l proved that the common knowledge is simply wrong….

Mishum eivah is “merely” the importance of keeping hatred out of the world.

Whereas darkei Shalom is the ultimate – to walk in Hashem’s and His Torah’s ways.

How Tish’ah beAv will End 0

How Tish’ah beAv will End

The last Tish’ah beAv will end with us rushing to finally get to say “Hello!” to our shul-mates the way in years past we rushed to the table in the back with the orange...

The Baal Teshuvah and the Tzadiq 0

The Baal Teshuvah and the Tzadiq

I commented on Gratitude: What does “todah” mean? As it stands, it means “thanks”. The same root conjugated as “vidui” means to “confess”. Last, when the mishnah wants to stress that something is outside...

Hatred 0


The Netziv (Rav Naftali Tzvi Yehudah Berlin 1816-1893, last Rosh Yeshiva at Volozhin) wrote a relatively famous piece in Meishiv Davar (1:44) that is quoted a lot this time of year. I thought I...

Ways of Peace 0

Ways of Peace

In a comment on my recent post “Infinite Worth“, Raffi asked: Hey – would you elaborate on your intriguing definition of darkhei Shalom as “walking the path of He Who makes peace”? Vav —...