Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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  1. rfw says:

    “Yeishu’s comment, OTOH, reflects their belief that man can’t redeem himself but must rely on external salvation. Playing down divine justice and only speaking of their god’s mercy.”

    Hi Micha, I’ve enjoyed reading your comments over the years. (as a Christian)
    In the NT passage regarding the eye of the needle … the main thrust is to reinforce and impress on us that man’s attachment to his “things” can in a very real way diminish or even block his relationship with and devotion to God.
    God wants our wholehearted devotion.
    “God wants the heart”. (m. sanhedrin)
    The rich young man who sought Jesus’ counsel acknowledged he was lacking something despite being strictly observant. (Matt 19:20)
    In his case it was an overattachment to his possessions.

    Overall, you are correct however in your assessment regarding the Christian POV that man cannot save himself. No matter how righteous we appear, each one still depends on the mercy of God when making an account before Him.

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