The Devastating Power of Leitznus

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  1. Jacob Farkas says:

    While I do agree on the premise of the post, that Leitzanus has tremendous power, and dangerous if used negatively, I don’t agree that President Ford’s legacy in your memory (and mine, for that matter) proves the point well.

    I was listening to NPR the morning after he died, and I learned more about his presidency in that news segment than I previously knew about Ford, and I quickly discovered why. Hearing the praise about his character and “leadership” as recounted by current officials and pundits, and no mention of his achievements as president, speaks volumes of his tenure.

    Yes, Leitzanus is strong. But Pres. George H.W. Bush and his infamous “Read my lips…” quote, while being an immensely popular phrase among all the comedians, his legacy will go beyond that one comment. Many other major events happened during his presidency, and he was actively involved in those events, and he will be remembered for them.

    It is appropriate for the OU to acknowledge his contribution to causes they find near and dear. But the reason you and others remember the Chevy Chase bits and not much else is not necessarily thanks to Leitzanus…

  2. Bob Miller says:

    “…I have a very strict policy about which blogs can be pointed to on emails to the Areivim discussion group.”

    Micha, which specific blogs do meet your standard?

  3. micha says:

    I don’t think I want to go there. I’m bound to offend someone by not mentioning their blog.

    The Areivim moderation team look at a blog and see if a sizable percentage of the posts are simple nay-saying. There are plenty of blogs that simply share life stories or worries or even Torah. So many, I couldn’t possibly no them all.


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