Finding the Means to Return to Your Ideal You

Many thanks to Jon Baker for recording my talk before selichos at the Yavneh Minyan last motza’ei Shabbos.

The material:

  • An audio recording is here.
  • And here is the handout. The first two pages were the topic of the opening of the talk, about the Rambam’s two kinds of vidui. The second sheet contains quotes from Mesilas Yesharim discussing the value of keeping a cheshbon hanefesh (an account-ledger of the soul).

He also took some pictures, so for those who are wondering what I look like (and my parents, who are like most parents and enjoy pictures of their children; you’ll notice I point out four of my children, below):

Some scenes of the audience, but I am only naming the people I know:

Middle row (L to R): Zack, Rafi and Aishey Berger
Back row, right: Gavi Berger (behind Rafi you can see my mother’s shoulder)

You can partially see my father at the right end of the window.

The happy bearded fellow is Saul Guberman, a member of AishDas’s e-vaad and one of Areivim’s moderators

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