An Esrog For Your Wife?

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  1. What my wife likes for Yom Tov is her own esrog [and the other 3 minims]

  2. What my wife likes for Yom Tov is her own esrog [and the other 3 minims]

  3. micha says:

    That misses my point. Not that any major conversation threat will grow
    on the blog out of your comment. It’s Aspaqlaria. But I quoted it to make the mussar point about the relative values of doing chassadim for one’s wife and having an esrog mehuderet (mehudar?).

    There is a chiyuv to buy your wife something to wear for YT. However, there is a parallel chiyuv for men to have meat. And that has a zeikher lishlamim on top of it, and there are those who bend that chiyuv if the man would feel more simchas Yom Tov without all those meat meals. I would be surprised if a similar amendment for “wearing” 4 minim couldn’t be pulled off.

  4. Jon Baker says:

    It misses the point, and yet it doesn’t. In that, it’s directly on point. Why should my desire for a fancy esrog (not that I really have one personally) override my wife’s desire for an esrog so she can do the mitzva as well. I could get a $70 esrog, or two $35 ones as I did, she could still say the bracha over mine, but it wouldn’t be what she wants.

    Debbie isn’t so much into clothes-buying, she happens to like this mitzva, so we get the extra set for her. So she gets something nice. Must it be clothing? as in, if one doesn’t like meat all that much, is simchas yom tov served by forcing down a slice of brisket?

  5. micha says:

    Isn’t that second paragraph EXACTLY what I addressed in my second paragraph?

  6. Jon Baker says:

    I didn’t get what you were saying about “wearing” 4 minim.

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