Form and InFORMation

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  1. avakesh says:

    The relationship between consciousness and the brain is a popular probelm in modern philosophy and in the neurosciences. Several interesting but limited books have recently appeared. They are limited because they assume that consciousness resides in the brain processess and represents either a subjective perception of these processeses or their integration. See,
    The Kabbalistic perception that Chaya and yechidah are outside the body provides a possible approach. Each level fo the soul in less dependent on the physiical processess so that brain damage, f.e., affects mostly nefesh and somewhat ruach and very little neshama and not at lll chaya or yeshida.
    It also helps solve the probelm of how we choose. ALl external deterministic factors, our upbringing, experiences etc influence only the lower aspects of the soul, while bechirah takes place at the higher and more indepndent level.

  2. micha says:

    FWIW, R Aryeh Kaplan zt”l defines chayah and yechidah being “chitzoniyos” as being “external” to our notion of self, not physically internal or external to the body.

    But more fundamentally, you and I are headed in opposite directions. You are using atzilus to define various components of the soul, each less attached to the physical. I’m using it to show the unity of soul and that which the brain physically implements.

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