Olei haGardom

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  1. Jon Baker says:

    re your title

    I was just reading a lengthy post on Michael Rodkinson, the translator of the Talmud, on the “On the Main Line” blog. Kaufmann Kohler critiques the translation for its many errors. One error he sees is that “olei hagardom” should be “olei hagradus” (reading samech for mem-soffit), meaning those who go up to the platform for the noose.

    Kohler is an interesting case, BTW – he, like Graetz, was apparently a major student of RSRH, and yet went OTD. And yet, despite the big parallels in their lives, such as the translation & commentary in German, and the major Talmidim or children who went OTD, we see RSRH celebrated and MM reviled.

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