Teaching Mussar

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  1. Bob Miller says:

    Part of a school’s mission is to broaden the student’s understanding and practical application of mitzvot. Education in middos is in this category every bit as much as education about the 39 Melachos or about the laws of damages.

    Texts like Tomer Devorah that show the links between our middos and HaShem’s own ways of relating to our world could be helpful.


  2. Shmuel says:

    We’ve (when I say “we”, I mean I) been slowly introducing Dr. Alan Morinis’ Project Pathways Mussar course into our Yeshiva. Since it’s split into twenty sections, following a certain trajectory, it’s well suited to introduce basic concepts (as well as some more advanced ideas) to a twenty-first century audience. And, I believe that that is another important thing: using ‘relevant’ language to appeal to a newer crowd. If we can draw them in initially by opening the lines of communication in a way that feels natural to the target demographic, THEN we can bring them to the classic texts; this is in part why so many contemporary books are enjoying their success, although they’re not reinventing the wheel in any way.
    Once you have them ‘hooked’, it’s much easier to get them to the original works, to drink from the source.

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