Shaarei Yosher, sec. 1: Mission – part 3

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  1. dovid says:

    “Well, whose need does creation fill? It can’t be Hashem’s need, as His Perfection precludes His having any needs. Hashem thus had to be addressing the created’s needs. Creation is therefore (again, to the extent we can understand it) an act that is purely the bestowal of good on others — …”

    This paragraph needs explanation. The paragraph reads that Creation was an act of bestowal of good on others. One could however argue that before Creation, there was no nivrah to bestow kindness on.

    • micha says:

      Well, isn’t that inherent if the good being bestowed is existence itself?

      Putting it another way, creation is a necessary precondition for Good, since there is no recipient of Good without it. However, since something you have to do in order to be good is itself good, the line we’re discussing doesn’t really exist.

      I am loathe to lengthen that section, since it’s my bringing R’ Saadia Gaon and the Ramchal to R’ Shimon’s words. I already run the danger of losing his thought among mine. Perhaps you can suggest a wording that is more clear but not longer.

  2. micha says:

    To get a little more confusing about it… Time itself is part of what’s being sustained. If He were to remove himself “for a moment”, there would be no moment either. IOW, from our side, we experience the effects of Hashem’s Hatavah over all of time. However, from His side, there is no “when” to the Hatavah. Every moment, every possible “when” is part of what He provides us.

    Hashem doesn’t do this forever in the sense of infinite time, He does it outside of time altogether.

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