Just One Small Cry

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  1. Bob Miller says:

    I’m no doctor, but aren’t there other occasions where the doctors can use devices to stimulate a seemingly unresponsive person into some noticeable activity? There may be a teshuva analogue to this, too.

  2. dovid says:

    Someone was describing the feverish preparations in a known Jewish community related to the impeding Irene hurricane to Jonathan Rosenblum, with people stocking up extra food, bottled water, matches, batteries, flashlights, gas, etc. even though there was no certainty that their community would be hit, and even if it was hit, there was no certainty which neighborhood would be more affected, or whose house would be damaged. He found it hard to explain why these same people who knew with absolute certainty that Yom HaDin was less than four weeks away, didn’t experience comparable anxiety.

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