Shaarei Yosher, sec. 4: Connecting – part 3

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  1. Larry Lennhoff says:

    Beautiful! I’ve gotten in discussions over the idea that it is better to learn about a mitzvah to perform it. The example I gave was two students walking along the road learning about the requirement of the Kohen Gadol to bury a dead body he found on the side of the road, even if it was Yom Kippur. As they study they each notice that there is a dead body at the side of the road. Each thinks to himself “If I pretend not to see it, I can continue with the higher mitzvah of Torah study and the other guy will have to settle for doing the actual mitzvah itself.” So they wander on, and the body is left unburied.

    The story is hyperbole, but until now it was the best moshol I knew to argue against those who thought learning was more important than doing. I’ll try to use this article going as another resource from now on.

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