Dandelion Whine

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  1. Having grown various cultivars in the lettuce family let me assure you that when they bolt, that is, when they focus their energy on the process of developing flowers, they do become bitter. תחילתו מתוק וסופו מר.

    • micha says:

      This year Pesach is pretty late; Nissan is the 2nd month of spring instead of the first. Are they bitter yet even in a year like this one? Or would you say the symbolism is obvious to anyone from an agrarian society, who all know such things about how lettuce grows, and being bitter while eaten isn’t actually part of it at all?

      By the way, none of which is less true for other members of chicorae.

      Maybe I should have written it about what is bitter on time for the seder…

  2. I think it’s pretty common knowledge. Ask anyone who has some connection to gardening or farming what happens when lettuce or radishes or carrots bolt. I never tried chicory other than as endive or as coffee.

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