18 Av 5689

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  1. Gavriel says:

    Thank you for this.

    You clearly see Slobodka of old as a wholly different institution than the yeshiva’s are today, not just in the way that yeshiva’s in Europe were different than yeshiva’s in modern Israel. Could you, please, suggest some reading material that can show or explain that?

    • micha says:

      Slabodka was one of the three big schools of the Mussar Movement. And by “school” I mean both in the sense of the physical yeshiva, and as a “school of thought”, a subtype of Mussar.

      So the question of reading material to explain what Slabodka was is a little broad. Are you asking for historical information about Slabodka? On an academic or popular level? Or of the differences between the Mussar and Yeshiva Movements in Lithuania? Or a book that’s just a nice intro for exploring Mussar as one’s own lifestyle? Or…

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