Brisk and Telz

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  1. micha says:

    Yes, it’s a much expanded version of an earlier blog entry. I thought the example and the increased number of sources added enough value to make it work reposting over 5 years later.

    Great memory, though!

  2. lawrence kaplan says:

    But after expressing his perplexity re the puropse of the bokoo of the prophet sthe Rav offers an explanation in terms of the teachings found in them regarding the ways of God and our obligation to imitate those ways.

    • micha says:

      My point was that even having to pause to think, “What is the value of something that has no impact on halakhah?” is distinctly Brisker. It’s not like RYBS posed a question just for the purpose of answering it. He says, “I have always been troubled…” I would have though it was self-evident that Yahadus values mussar, machashavah, and other non-halakhah messages. Products of most derakhim would not have even paused at the idea, never mind being troubled over an extended period seeking an answer.

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