A Quantum of Time

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  1. Neil says:

    R. Micha,
    I was thinking about the same thing when I heard about that paper. It would be interesting to look at halachic applications of Toch Kdei Dibbur and hypothesize based on this paper that one is still to be in the present in a three second block of time.

  2. The Last of The Telzers says:

    R’ Micha,

    This concept has been explained in similar fashion by the Alter Telzer Rav R’ Yosef Leib zt”l.

  3. The Last of The Telzers says:

    I first heard it from him back in the winter of 1926 and numerous times after. It’s also in print: Shiurei Halacha, the shiur is Toch Kedei Dibbur.

  4. Yona says:

    R. Chaim Zimmerman uses the same lashon – quanta – in referring to shiurim.

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