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I just completed a webinar (3 classes, 45 min each) for The Mussar Institute on Project Sinai‘s web site. Recordings of the classes are available on Project Sinai’s site:

  • First Shiur. (The volume is overly loud for the first 3 min or so, which includes most of a rough biography of Rav Shimon Shkop, but not the actual text.)
  • Second Shiur.
  • Third Shiur.

Here is the description of the course from Project Sinai’s site:

An Introduction to Shaarei Yosher, Gates of Integrity

Start: May 5, 2013 8:00 PM

This introduction to Shaarei Yosher presents a global view of life and its purpose from a Mussar-based perspective. Its author, Rav Shimon Shkop, was the founding dean ofYeshivat Shaar haTorah in Grodno, Lithuania. Shaarei Yosher’s introduction is about our mission in life, and how holiness, self-sufficiency, and generosity are interrelated.

Rabbi Micha Berger is the founder of the AishDas Society, which spreads Mussar practice in the Orthodox community. His mentor was Rabbi Dovid Lifshitz, who was a student of Rav Shimon Shkop, the author of Shaarei Yosher.

Dates: Sundays, May 5, 12 and 19, 8 pm Eastern time. Webinars are 45 minutes.

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